Financial and Technical Guidelines

Added: 03-04-2008 Biomasse im städtischen Raum

2 pages leaflet on biomass heatings in the urban area; pellets, wood chips, biogas and CHP facilities as well as an overview of public subsidies.

Added: 03-04-2008 Biomasseheizungen für größere Gebäude

32 pages brochure about biomass heatings in bigger buildings (commercial and public) with detailed information on the usage of biomass fuels such as pellets, wood chips, log wood and the like. Further information on topics like...

Added: 03-04-2008 Calefaccion en grandes edificios con biomasa

60 pages book with basic technical information about biomass heating oriented to aid in the planning of biomass heating projects for big buildings.

Added: 28-03-2008 Co-firing with Biomass A Report prepared for Sustainable Energy Ireland

Investigates and quantifies the economic, technical and environmental costs and benefits of co-firing biomass with traditional solid fuels in electricity generation in Ireland. "Co-firing which is defined as simultaneous...

Added: 03-04-2008 Economic aspects of heat and electric energy production from biomass

Presentation on economic aspects of heat and electric energy production from biomass, comparison of different fuels prices, discussion of heating costs.

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