Category: Regional Biomass Actionplan

Biomases Panaudojimo Energijos Gamybai Kauno Apskrity Je Planas

Region: Kaunas Region, Lithuania (LEI)

Status: Approved


The main attention in this RPAB is to have more efficient and rational use of biomassresources for heating such as adapting boilers for the use of biomass fuel; straw-firingboilers and CHP plants based on biomass fuel including the aim for a re rational use ofenergy in general such increasing thermal insulations of outer walls, roofs and windows.It was estimated that the a 32.7 % reduction of carbon dioxide, 3.0 % reduction ofSO2 and a 21 % reduction of NOx is possible by the year 2010. Implementation defines specific targets such as master feasible forests felling residues potential in Kaunas Countyusing modern technologies; establish straw collecting, storage, transportation and incinerationsystems for heat supply system. Approximately 4,000 ha of neglected lands canbe used for of energy plants plantations resulting in 200 MWh/a in 2015; some 200 tonsof combustible waste per year during 2010-2025 could be used for energy production.Some 26,000 ha of arable land in Kaunas County could be used for rape and would producean estimate of 500,000 MWh of methyl ester per year for production of biodiesel.