Category: Regional Biomass Actionplan

Bioenergy Implementation Plan 2008–2013

Region: South East Ireland, Ireland (Sera)

Status: Approved


The objectives of the plan are to increase the contribution of bioenergy to the Region’senergy balance: 5% of total final energy consumption in 2010 and 17 % by 2020 and8,4 % of demand in the heat sector 2010 and 30 % in 2020. Also the installation of atbiomass boilers with the capacity of at least 20kW in domestic homes and installationof boilers and biomass heating systems in commercial and industrial buildings as well asthe installation of biomass based CHP-Plant in the region are planned. The aim is to have14 % of electricity from bioenergy and 10 % of energy demand in the transport sectorcovered by 2020. The Plan also wants to reduce the reliance on imported fossil fuels, decreasethe carbon footprint and promote rural development and sustainable agriculture.