Category: Regional Biomass Actionplan

Klimaschutz-Rahmenprogramm der Region Hannover

Region: Hannover Region, Germany (target)

Status: Approved


The Hannover Region with the impact of REGBIE+ is developing a “climate protectionstrategy” by involving and consulting all stakeholders in the region. Central result of theframework is to reduce the CO2 output by 40 % by 2020. Specific working groups havebeen established in the area of energy industry, agriculture & forestry, mobility, publiclyowned companies & facilities as well as in trade, industry and professional associations.The framework programme is directed at activities within the administration and publiclyowned companies. The following points developed within REGBIE+ stakeholder for aregarding biomass has entered the final paper:
• Optimising the use of biomass, specifically in the area of wastes
• Using wastes and residues to gain heating energy
• Promoting a energetic and recycled usage of biomass
• Using biofuels for public transport
• A biomass concept for the Zoo Hannover
• Implementing efficient heating systems in public buildings and social housing

Currently, all 21 communities in the region are developing specific local action plans.