Informational Event in Oviedo

Currently, the biomass market in Asturias is not well developed yet and there only exist few installations. Therefore it proved to be difficult to organize “open doors” because of the lack of potential sites. As a consequence, FAEN decided to celebrate the Pellet Day in Asturias with an informative event: a workshop with the idea of presenting the biomass heating among the professionals (installers, suppliers, producers) of the region. The workshop was held in the city of Oviedo, the capital of the Asturias Region.

Excursion to Town Councils

In early October 2008, FAEN invited students and the general public to visit town councils of the region, which are heated with the means of biomass boilers. The ten biomass facilities were geographically spread over the entire region. In every one of them, a technician from FAEN conducted a guided tour explaining the general aspects about biomass, the components of the facilities and how and with what kinds of biofuels it works. Due to the varying age of the participants, two divergent tours were implemented; one pointed to adults and the other one was designed for students. In general, the visitors were impressed about the dimensions of the biomass installations. The event had local press coverage. Two articles were published in the regional newspapers and two interviews were aired in the regional television (TPA) and radio station (Onda Cero).

Pellet Day 2007

Organised by: FAEN
Date: 19th of November 2007
Kind of activity: Informational workshop
Target group: Stakeholders
Region: Asturias
Participation: 87 participants


The presentations slides can be downloaded from the webpage . Biomass brochures, the publication “Research of the Biomass Resource in Asturias” and a sample of pellets were given to the audience.

Pellet Day 2008

Organised by: FAEN
Date: 9 October 2008
Kind of activity: "Open Doors" Day
Target group: General public and students
Region: Asturias
Participation: 176 participants