City Square Consultations on Pellets

REGBIE+ partner ECCB organised the Pellet Day on the 5th of October 2007. Due to a lack of potential visiting sites in the region, the concept had to be adapted to the circumstances. The activity started off with so called “city square consultations” for the public, disseminating leaflets and general information material about bioenergy. In total, 15 short advices and five regular consultations (more then 20 min.) took place. In the afternoon, a guided bus trip with 26 participants was organized to a pellet mill in Kajov and to a pension with pellet heating (70 kW boiler). The invitation leaflet was sent to about 400 people and the invitation e-mail to a further 800 people. Information on the activity was published in the regional broadcasting and in several national thematic websites.


"City square" consultations and
Site excursion

Advice on Pellets and Excursions

Due to the pleasing experience from 2007, ECCB conducted free consultations at the square once again. Since the Czech elections took place on the same day, there were only few people who had the time to inform themselves about pellets. Interested people were later invited to take part in excursions to a pellet mill and two private households where bioenergy was used.

Pellet Day 2007

Organised by: ECCB
Date: 5th of October 2007
Kind of activity: Guided tour and consultations
Target group: Private investors
Region: South-Bohemia
Participation: 20 consultations, 26 tour participants

Pellet Day 2008

Organised by: ECCB
Date: 17th of October 2008
Kind of activity: Consultations and excursion
Target group: Private investors
Region: South-Bohemia
Participation: 4 consultations, 12 tour participants