Nominee from South-East Ireland

A boy from Stradbally Na Croise Naofa School was awarded the first prize for his miniature house which was constructed with different types of wood.

The Irish Power of Wood

The South-East Regional Authority (SERA) and various regional partners including regional councils as well as consultancies invited all 200 primary schools from the counties Waterford, Kilkenny, Carlow and Tipperary to take part in a creative school competition. Approximately 100 participating pupils from six different schools were free to craft whatever corresponded to the motto “The Power of Wood”. The organisers were delighted by the success of the activity, as the children were obviously being made more aware of renewable energy in their school life and at home. The awarding was extended to three days at the end of May 2008 and took place in the winners' schools. In order to gain more public attention, the ceremonies were attended by the media.

As the contributions were of a wide array, the jury divided them into two categories; they honoured the three best posters and creative works. Furthermore, there was a prize for an individual contribution and a class prize.

Competition in 2007

Organised by: SERA
Launched: 9 November 2007
Kind of competition: Creative
Target group: Primary schools, 8-12 years
Region: Waterford, Tipperary, Kilkenny, Carlow
Participation: 6 schools, 92 pupils, 100 entries

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