Nominee from Southeast Sweden

The first prize was awarded to the film ”Tänd en gren” by Rebecca Miksic, Frida Sandahl, Mikaela and Julia Carlberg from the ninth grade of the Grönkullaskolan in Alvesta. The clip was very professionally composed and illustrated the girls’ awareness of the threat of the changing climate and the advances of bioenergy.

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Nursing the Environment

The Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden (ESS) and its cooperational partners Worldbioenergy 2008 and VEAB organized a creative school competition on bioenergy in the counties Kalmar, Kronoberg and Blekinge. It was advertised in the regional media and encouraged the 123 participating pupils of five primary and secondary schools to hand in creative works on that topic. In order to make the children aware for sustainable energy, they were supplied with a starting kit consisting of information regarding bioenergy. The seventeen contributions were very inspiring and ranged from resourceful booklets to innovative videos. Moreover, the best entries were exhibited at the international conference „World Bioenergy“ in Jönköping.

Competition in 2008

Organised by: ESS
Launched: 21 January 2008
Kind of competition: Creative/Technical
Target group: Primary and secondary schools, 6-16 years
Region: Kalmar, Kronoberg, Blekinge
Participation: 5 schools, 123 pupils, 17 entries

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