Nominee from South Tyrol, Italy

A 19 year old design student creatively expressed the modern and natural usage of wood as energy source.

Promoting Bioenergy

In early 2008, the Ökoinstitut Südtirol/Alto Adige (ÖKI) decided to install a special competition focused on possible marketing strategies on biomass energy. Therefore, 60 students from the high school of design located in Bressanone/South-Tyrol were invited to work out creative contributions, ranging from corporate design to video-clips. Before the pupils started to fashion there pieces during classes and in their spare time, they were thoroughly introduced to bioenergy in general and to the project REGBIE+ in particular. After three months of time, the students handed in very inspirational works.

Competition in 2008

Organised by: ÖKI
Launched: 8 January 2008
Kind of competition: Creative
Target group: High school, 16-20 years
Region: South-Tyrol
Participation: One High school

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