Nominee from South-Bohemia, Czech Republic

The first prize was awarded to the High school of forestry in Pisek for the work named “Wood as an energy source in the school area Hurka”. Under the supervision of their teacher, the students thoroughly described the wood vegetation around their school and discussed its high potential for the production of power. Moreover, the necessity of waste for the sustainability of forests and the reasonable use of biomass as a resource for energy production was convincingly illustrated with graphs and tables.

Investigating the Forests

In autumn 2007, the Energy Centre České Budějovice (ECCB) addressed 97 secondary schools in South-Bohemia to take part in their school competition. The contest was divided into two different categories. When choosing the first, the students were supposed to detect a site in which biomass is processed for heating facilities and document the production via some data and pictures. On the contrary to this technical challenge, the adolescents could also select the creative part, in which something had to be crafted out of wood. Exceptional results were sent in by pupils from six schools which showed that they had learnt a lot about the advantages of bioenergy.

Competition in 2007

Organised by: ECCB
Launched: 10 October 2007
Kind of competition: Technical/Creative
Target group: Secondary schools, 14-20 years

Region: South-Bohemia
Participation: 6 schools, 150 pupils, 6 entries

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