Nominee from Asturias, Spain

The drawing is by a twelve year old boy and depicts the opportunities of biomass.

FAEN in cooperation with the Agencia de Desarrollo de la Mancomunidad del Valle del Nalón decided to organize a “biomass picture competition” within the frame of a regional fair about “Products from the Vegetable Gardens of Asturias". The pupils of 27 pre-, primary and secondary schools in the region were invited to draw pictures about their ideas on the reasonable usage of biomass. In order to ensure the pupils' awareness of the advantages of bioenergy, they were given information material in advance. The competiton was a great success since the children were very enthusiastic and even inspired their parents with the vast range of creative drawings.


Competition in 2008

Organised by: FAEN
Launched: 20 September 2008
Kind of competition: Creative
Target group: Pre-, primary and secondary schools, 1-16 years
Region: Asturias
Participation: 27 schools, 63 pupils, 71 entries

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