Tour to Pellet Manufacture

SERA organised an open door event at “D Pellet Ltd.” , a state of the art wood pellet manufacturing plant in the Republic Ireland. Important stakeholders were given a guided tour of the and had the opportunity to ask questions. The production site utilizes forestry thinnings, sourced mainly from local private growers. Their client base consists of home owners, schools, hotels, apartment blocks, shopping centres and many more large commercial users. The aim of this Pellet Day was to show potential investors how such a system could be run and in order to provide information to potential installers. 


Pellet Day 2007

Organised by: SERA
Date: 10 October 2008
Kind of activity: Excursion to D Pellet Ltd.
Target group: Stakeholders, fuel suppliers, private investors, installers
Region: South-East Ireland
Participation: 1 site, 30 participants