Modernized Farming and Hotel Complex (Warmia-Mazuria and Pomerania, Poland)


Starting point and idea

Increasing prices of fossil fuels and lack of market stability encourage investors to seek alternative sources of energy. The discussed example concerns Sadkowo Ltd. Company, that specialises in farm animal rearing and processing and also owns an 18th century manor in Wojciechy. In 1990 the mansion was modernised and adapted for hotel and gastronomic purposes. In 2006 another complete modernization of the heating installation was carried out, mainly due to economic reasons, i.e. extremely high operating costs of the existing installation.

Success through cooperation

Two parties have been involved in the investment process, Sadkowo company and Herz, being the concept designer, equipment provider and the installer.The cost of the investment was zl 110,000 (approximately € 29,000) and was defrayed in total from own funds. Modernization works took two weeks, which were needed for the removal of the old boiler for log wood, installation of the new biomass boiler and fuel delivery system. New equipment proved to be reliable, it replenishment works automatically and requires only fuel and regular checks.

How did/does it work?

The example is interesting because of the wide scope of the company’s activity. It was able to establish its own energy crop plantation, and therefore it has easy and cheap access to almost unlimited fuel of high quality. Heat demand of the plant equals 200 kW. Therefore, it was decided to install a HERZ Firematic Biocontrol with 150 kW, and to leave two oil fuelled boilers to satisfy energy needs in peak hours. Together with the Firematic boiler a heat buffer of 1 m3 volume has been installed, which distributes heating medium between hot water installation and heating system.


30,800 litres of heating oil was used annually before the modernization. Now 70 tonnes of wood chips are needed to satisfy energy needs. Heat energy costs dropped by 70%. Moreover, harmful emissions have been reduced, which is of major importance because the object is surrounded by old forests beside the Pasleka river wildlife reserve. Positive social effects occurred as well, as local people have been employed for crop harvesting, which is especially beneficial in rural areas characterised by high unemployment. Annual heating costs in Wojciechy:


Agreement has been made between Sadkowo Ltd. and Herz that all interested parties may visit the site and view the installation. Similar solutions shall be implemented more often, as the region is of high touristic value, and also due to vast areas available for fuel potential.


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  • Switch from oil to wood chips
  • Cost for heating have dropped by 70 %
  • Local people are employed for harvest

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