Municipality of Poizat (Jura and Rhône-Alpes, France)


Starting point and idea

The Town Council launched a consultation for a feasibility study after its participation in ”a wood energy open day”, organised in July 2001 by a local renewable energy agency. At that time the fuel boiler in use, which was very old and needed to be replaced. It was planned to build a new school. That is why a heating system ensuring the energy needs for all their buildings was needed. Poizat is a densed afforested municipality. The installation of a wood chip boiler could increase the use of local resources.

Success through cooperation

The project received 70% of subsidies from the National Agency for Renewable Energy Development, the ERDF funds, the Region and from the Department of Ain. The Town Council financed the remaining 30% of the project and it ensures all the functioning of the heating plant (planning, financing, construction, maintenance). The wood fuel supply is secured by employees of the Town Council themselves.

How did/does it work?

The municipality of Poizat chose to use wood from its own forests. The boiler accepts wood chips with 25% of moisture content. The wood is chipped and stored in a hangar located in a small village nearby. The storage capacity approximate 500 m 3 of wood chips and the capacity of the silo is 25 m3. The manufacturer of the boiler is HARGASSNER and its power is 100 kW. The boiler is entirely automatic and has a high performance automatic regulation system which allows the optimization of the combustion, avoiding pollution and production of tar. The removal of the cinders is automatic, the ashes are extracted to the ashtray by an endless screw. The ashtray has to be emptied once per week. The management and the maintenance of the boiler room are carried out by the Town Council of Poizat.


The yearly wood chips consumption is approximately 350 to 400 MAP (apparent cubic meters of wood chips). Compared Municipality of Poizat places emphasis on biomass heating (Jura and Rhône-Alpes, France) with fuel, this wood-energy solution replaces the equivalent of 25 tonnes fossil fuel per annum.


Wood energy creates regional development and employment. In this case the Town Council initiated the valorization of the forest by its own employees. The Town Council is fully in charge of management and maintenance of the automatic wood heating system. This could be envisaged because the Town Council wanted to decrease its energy dependence and to be able to control price fluctuations. The advantages of this project are that the Town Council has its own local forest meeting its heating needs, and a strong environmental conscience to promote wood energy use that contributes to the reduction of emissions (CO Characteristics of the Community of communes: the altitude is 900 metres. The population is 409 inhabitants. The forest area stands for about 1,100 hectar. The main working sectors are agriculture, forestry and tourism.


Mairie du Poizat
M. Raymond POUPON
F-01130 Le Poizat
+33 (0) 474 753014

Technical information:
20 rue Litré
F-01000 Bourg-en-Bresse
+33 (0)4 74 45 16 46

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