Cross-border Cooperation (CZ)

Starting point and idea

In 2005, the development of biogas energy use in the neighbouring regions of South Bohemia was already at a high level, whereas in the South Bohemian region it was almost negligible (except a few biogas plants connected to waste water treatment plants). On the other hand, the interest and demand for information among South Bohemian farmers and investors began to appear. Simultaneously, the call for proposals of the Community Initiative INTERREG III A was declared. The Energy Centre České Budějovice (nonprofit, non-governmental association working in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency) decided to make a project proposal dealing with biogas. The project proposal was granted and the project implementation started. The idea of the project was to introduce and expand the knowledge about energy usage of biogas to South Bohemian farmers and to stimulate the growth of biogas plant installations in South Bohemia and the whole Czech Republic. The other project target was to strenghten the cooperation between South Bohemia and Upper Austria.

Success through cooperation

Energy Centre Ceske Budejovice was the coordinator of the project. ARGE Kompost & Biogas, Austria was the main project partner. Other partners were: South Bohemian Regional Office (providing partial subsidy and seminar room for free), South Bohemian Chamber of Agriculture, Association of private farmers and Ökoenergiecluster Upper Austria (they all cooperated on the project promotion). The project was co-financed from EU resources in the framework of the Community Initiative INTERREG III A.

How did/does it work?

The project consisted of two parts. One part was the seminar dealing with ”Biogas in agriculture and the development of the countryside on both sides of the Czech-Austrian border” taking place at the South Bohemian Regional Office headquarters in October 2005. There were 11 speakers and 41 participants, mostly farmers and experts from the field of biogas.The second part was a tour of three biogas plants in Upper Austria in November 2005. There were 50 participants (mostly farmers) and they visited biogas plants in Mettmach (200 kW), in Utzenaich (500 kW) and Eggerding (250 kW). The event was advertised in the media (press, internet), the invitation leaflet was printed and sent to 500 potential participants, all participants received the seminar proceedings which were sent to major state libraries as well.


The main achievement of the project was the stimulation of the growth of biogas plant installations. According to participants, for most of them it was the first comprehensive information about the subject and the decisive moment for the implementation of their projects and ideas. As far as the ECCB has the data available, at least six participants have constructed or plan to construct a biogas plant. Three are already in operation:

1. Biogas plant (520 kW) in Chotýčany village operated byAgroprofit Ltd., launched in August 2008. They produce 4,200 GJ of electricity and 4,300 GJ of heat per year. They plan to use the heat for the village heating system. Corn, silage and cattle manure are used for the biogas production.

2. Biogas plant (620 kW) in Světlá nad Sázavou operated by Renergy Ltd. , installed heat capacity (750 kW), the produced heat is used for hog farm heating and wood drying. Corn,silage and distillery waste are used for the biogas production. The company is currently constructing two other biogasplants and three more are in planning.

3. Biogas plant Nedvědice (300 kW), launched in February 2008, installed heat capacity 300 kW, the produced heat is used for the wood drying. Corn and grass silage are used for the biogas production and the method of dry fermentation is used.

One biogas plant is currently under construction: Biogas plant Pacov Ltd. (700 kW), installed heat capacity 1 MW, the produced heat will be used for the heating of administration buildings, family house, workshops and chicken farm. Cattle and hog manure, potato, brewery and kitchen waste are used for the biogas production. Operation is planned to start in winter 2008/09. Two biogas plants are planned to be constructed during 2009: One Biogas plant by the Farming Association Netřebice (500 kW), with an installed heat capacity of 400 kW, the produced heat will be used for heating of the workshops and the piggery. Cattle and swine manure, corn and grass silage will be used for the biogas production. One Biogas plant by the Farming Association Telč (500 kW), the produced heat will be used for the heating of the piggery. Swine and cattle manure will be used for thebiogas production.


Due to great success and interest on the part of the farmers, the seminar and excursion were repeated in September 2006. Participants continue to keep contact with the coordinator for consulting and to receive new information. Seminars and excursion are popular, because the demand for the use of renewable energy and for energy self-sufficiency is continuously growing.


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  • Stimuation of biogas development in Czech Republic
  • Seminar with more than 40 participants
  • Hands-on excursions to Austria with 50 participants
  • 6 biogas plant implemented afterwards
  • Cross-border exchange

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