Campaign "Heizen mit Holz"


What was the idea?

In 2001 the Klimaschutzagentur (Climate Protection Agency) in the Hannover Region was founded as a public-private partnership involving public communal authorities, regional utilities, professional associations as well as businesses. The agency has the objective to coordinate sustainability and climate protection communication networking measures for the target group of consumers, enterprises as well as public institutions in the region inhabited by more than a million people. Currently, the agency runs some 13 campaigns addressing various fields from launching regional strategies to energy efficiency in housing, transport and businesses to renewable energies. Since 2004, a specific campaign addressing the use of biomass for heating called “Heizen mit Holz” is being implemented. The focus is on offering information and consultation to end-users and involving regional stakeholders. Since the beginning, the campaign was supported by the EU projects REGBIE and REGBIE+. The key elements of the campaign are the publication of annual market guides, the annual implementation of an open-door activity of the “Pellet Day” as well as addressing schools and school children in a creative competition.

Success through cooperation

The coordinator of the campaign is the Klimaschutzagentur Region Hannover involving actively a vast number of stakeholders in the “Akteursforum Biomasse”.

How did/does it work?

The campaign is being financed partly through the Intelligent Energy Europe project as well as from regional actors like the Stadtwerke Hannover, regional climate protection funds and the annual budget of the agency. The Klimaschutzagentur is coordinating the networking in regular stakeholder fora that takes place at least twice a year as well as in working groups related to specific tasks. Thus, the tasks are implemented with a maximum of support from installers, suppliers, associations and other interest groups. The working groups address the “Pellet Day”, the “School Competitions” as well as publications and fairs. The service centre of the agency offers consultancy and direct assistance for end-users on a day-to-day basis regarding technical enquires or funding.


Within the campaign two school competitions have been implemented successfully and a third round is currently underway. The first competition was launched in 2004 regionally and received much response from the schools and press coverage. Over 14 schools handed in 27 separate contributions, all of which were creative and interesting in various ways including posters, drawings, videos, slide presentations as well as objects. All works were presented at the major world forestry fair LIGNA+ in spring 2005 and the five best and most creative contributions were awarded within a ceremony at the fair grounds, which attracted a wide audience. The second competition was carried out along a similar concept within the whole of Lower-Saxony and involved 400 pupils. Again, the awarding took place at LIGNA+ and involved sponsored prizes from regional companies. In 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 a successful regional “Pellet Day” was organised in autumn. Private owners of pellet heating systems were encouraged to open-up their cellars to interested fellow-citizens. Every year, more than 60 sites were opened to the public and some 300 visitors informed themselves about the benefits and effectiveness of solid biomass heating. The events were promoted via websites, press articles, print and radio advertisement. Generally, the feedback from visitors as well as cellar owners was very positive. All in all, the campaign “Heizen mit Holz” succeeded in creating a continuous and positive cooperation of regional stakeholders and the repetition of highly promotional activities over a period of more than four years.


The concept of the networking as well as the promotion activities are very convincing as well as simple and can easily be repeated in different settings.


Klimaschutzagentur Region Hannover GmbH
Prinzenstraße 12
30159 Hannover


  • Four years of successful regional campaign
  • School competitions expanded to Federal State
  • Some 500 visitiors every year to "Pellet Day"



Campaign leaflet in German

Success Story provided by REGBIE+ partner