BIOMASA: Strong Alliance for Biomass (SK)


Starting point and idea

The BIOMASA Association as a main co-ordinator has elaborated a practically verified strategy over several years to win new users of biomass for heating. The strategy is based upon involving a number of municipalities and main players in municipalities in co-operation. The co-operation is implemented at all self-governing levels and priority is put on the next generation – through educate and sensitise the children.

Success through cooperation

The BIOMASA Association of municipalities was established by mayors. The Association deals with biomass utilisation mainly in public buildings. The main aim is the reduction of energy consumption. Schools in the region were able to reduce their consumption considerably, gained attractiveness and saved money from energy. The savings were used for various educational activities.

How did/does it work?

The biomass utilization is shown to schoolchildren within the framework of their educational programs and by excursion tours of pellet production units. Children get information leaflets, obtain knowledge and experiences and can act as educational embassadors to their parents. Maximum attention is paid to children’s education in lessons within the framework of various subjects at schools. Children compete with each other within the framework of their own classes as well as amongst different classes within the school and inform each other about their work results. Through school actions children meet with representatives of the state nature conservation which inform children about the strategy of the nature conservation state policy and protected territory valuables. This is supplemented by competitions organised for school children. The challenge of the competetions is to collect material to be recycled (paper, iron) or for example cones, which which can be used to produce energy, The main idea of the cones collection competition is to show children that even such seemingly useless things in forests can be further utilised for heat production. Children can win nice awards in the competitions. Also, other players are involved in the education of the children as for example non-profit associations like the Civil Association TILIA, EKOENERGIA, which organises varied activities during the year. Another example is the summer pellets camp, where more than 30 children gain knowledge about nature conservation, biomass utilization for pellet production and heat production etc.


All these activities are coordinated by the BIOMASA Association. The activities is financed proportionate between the BIOMASA Association, municipalities, schools, non-profit associations and donors including European Commission Funds within the framework of various projects.


BIOMASA, Association
023 34 Kysucký
SK-Lieskovec 743


  • Established by mayors
  • Promoting biomass heating in public buildings
  • Alliance of municpalities and schools
  • Focus on next generation
  • Mobilisation of school children

Success Story provided by REGBIE+ partner