EnergiIntelligent Dalarna (SE)


Starting point and idea

In 2005 the County Administration of Dalarna started a regional energy programme to achieve the energy related goals that formed a part of the environmental goals for Dalarna. These regional goals are highly ambitious based on the national goals. The programme “EnergyIntelligent Dalarna” is both a breakdown of the energy goals into a number of more detailed measures and actions and a strategy to through a formal, organised cooperation, to create inspiration and to accelerate the work towards sustainable and environmentally adapted energy solutions.

Success through cooperation

The County Administration of Dalarna is the leader of “EnergyIntelliget Dalarna” but the entire programme was developed through a process that involved representatives from many different sectors, e.g. politics, municipalities, businesses, energy companies, Gävle Dala energy agency, University of Dalarna and industries. A total of 63 measurements in the following 6 areas were identified:

  • Municipalities
  • Industries and Businesses
  • Buildings
  • Tourism in winter areas
  • District heating
  • Renewable energy

The programme “EnergyIntelliget Dalarna” is responsible for coordination, information and support of activities while participating actors are responsible for realisation and follow-up.

How did/does it work?

The programme has one to two full time coordinators at the County Administration. A steering committee with the County Governor as chairman leads the work and meets two to four times a year. A reference group and a work group with varied representation are responsible for information, seminars and to organize the cooperation. This formal organization and a broad political support gave the programme credibility and a status that has attracted all main actors to participate. The organisation of meetings and expert groups has also been a tool for spreading information and good examples. All practical work with savings and conversion to renewable energy is still done in the individual organisations or companies.


Necessary actions identified throughout the programme have been realised or are underway and the regional goals set up for climate and energy in the year 2010 are close to fulfilment. Contacts have been established and have resulted in a closer and better cooperation between people in the energy business in daily work and outside the programme. Good examples have spread more rapidly. An annual seminar on the recent developments in the region has become a common meeting place and a way to disseminate results.


The key to success is to raise the energy issues to a higher level in politics, industries and business and to create a platform or forum for information exchange and cooperation that can be continued outside the formal organisation.


Gävle Dala Energy Agency
Ruddammsgatan 30
Box 834
S-801 30 Gävle

Håkan Sternberg
Länsstyrelsen Dalarna
S-791 84 Falun
+46 (0)23 81341


  • Identification of 63 measures in 6 areas
  • Two full-time coordinators
  • Continous work and steering

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In Swedish published Feburary/March 2006

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