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Added: 17-06-2009 Medienos kuras energijai (Wood fuel for energy)

Information about wood fuel used for energy in Lithuania.


Language: Lithuanian

Added: 28-03-2008 Ogrzewanie budynkow za pomocą biopaliw stalych / Heating with solid biofuels (Poland)

Description of solid biofuels properties, technologies used for heating purposes, economics involved, database of fuel producers and manufacturers.

Added: 03-04-2008 Pellets market in 2006

Pellets production and utilization in Europe, market tendencies.

Added: 03-04-2008 Potential for pellets production and utilisation in Poland.

Discussion on available fuel resources, pellets production process, process technology and economics.

Added: 03-04-2008 Swedish Energy Agency

Facts and figures about the use of energy in Sweden.

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