European Pellet Days

The idea behind the European Pellet Days is simple: owners of pellet heating systems open their doors and cellars to the interested public. Press coverage, advertising as well as involving installers, fuel suppliers and manufaturers will make this a concerted, regional marketing action. Because REGBIE+ partners aim at implementing such a series of "open doors" within a fixed timeframe and under a common umbrella, these activities are bundled to form the European Pellet Days.

The first round has already been successfully implemented in eleven different regions. Due to differences in the dissemination of pellet boilers in the regions, the concept of the pellet day had to be adapted to the divergent circumstances. Thus, several partners organised excursions, forums on bioenergy or took part in fairs, where they thoroughly informed stakeholders, private investors, installers and so forth about the advantages of pellet boilers. The various actions attracted almost 4,000 people who were familiarized with this environmentally friendly way of heating.