Nominee from Kwidzyn Poviat, Poland

The first prize was awarded to a collective contribution from 8 year old children showing paitings as a kind of "storyboard" for a film.

Good and Bad Fuels

BAPE invited all primary schools in Kwidzyn Poviat to participate in a creativity competition on the topic "Wood's got it! - Energy from the forest!". The only requirement for an entry was that it had to deal with wood as a sustainable energy source. Participating classes were provided with information materials including brochures, CDs and games. The age range of pupils participating was between 7 and 13 years.

All participating children were invited to a day out to Frombork and Elblag with visits to biomass plants, the Copernicus planetarium and the old town of Elblag. Furthermore, the winners were rewarded with book vouchers. 

School Competition 2007

Organised by: BAPE
Time: 10/2007-12/2007
Kind of competition: Creative
Target group: Primary schools
Region: Kwidzyn Powiat
Participation: 6 schools with 35 entries

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