Nominee from Zilina Region, Slovakia

The competition was a great success: all involved children collected the amount of ten tons of mainly spruce cones. The collected material was consequently burnt in boilers operated by BIOMASA. An awarding ceremony was held in Kysucký Lieskovec on 24th of May 2007. The largest quantity of cones, 6,232 kilogramms, was collected by the primary school in Záriecie.

Cone Collecting Competition

BIOMASA, an association of biomass stakeholders and communities, organised a cone collecting competition with the slogan "Heating is also possible with cones" in cooperation with primary schools in member communities. The competition was launched in April 2007, the month of forests in Slovakia, and five primary schools with more than 39 classes from Klokočov, Kysucký Lieskovec, Ľubochňa, Povina and Záriečie partcipated.

The main idea of the competition was to make children aware of the issue of biomass being a renewable energy source. By involving the children in a competitive and fun outdoor activity, the message was brought across that wood and wood wastes such as cones are one of the most ecological ways of heating.

School Competition 2007

Organised by: BIOMASA
Time: April-May 2007
Type: Cone collecting
Target group:Primary schools
Region: Kysuce
Participation: 5 schools, 39 classes

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