Strengthening Regional Policies

The objective of REGBIE+ was the development of a RBAP in each partner region involving regional stakeholders. Some of the regions already developed plans and strategies (Upper Austria and the regions in Sweden) and supported the others in the process of setting up the necessary structure to draft, discuss and have a RBAP approved by the regional authorities. The development of the RBAPS was an important task and working towards the implementation was a continuous and ambitious process.

Key results of REGBIE+ in the process of developing RBAPs:

  • 66 stakeholder fora

  • 1,500 participants

  • 3 RBAPs approved

  • 3 RBAPS in process

  • 3 RBAPs proposed

Regional Biomass Actionplans

Added: 27-10-2009 Regionįlny akcˇnż plįn pre biomasu

Region: Zilina region, Slovakia (BIOMASA)

Status: Proposal

Added: 27-10-2009 Regionalny Plan Działan“ BIOMASA dla województwa pomorskiego

Region: Pomerania, Poland (BAPE)

Status: Approval in process

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